Quotations and Notes

as of Aug. 1, 2022

I’ve collected Quotations for the past 70 or so years. I’ve also used the Quotations file as a means for managing Notes and Ideas related to or stimulated by particular individuals. I have found that the processing and recording of these quotes and notes have been very helpful to my own education, development, and creativity. Before Kindle and eBooks I would underline my hard copy books, and copy those underlines into these files.

These files have not been independently checked or verified. They are only minimally edited. My apologies for duplications, mistakes, etc. Sources are not available. The entries are – or were – of interest to me at the time. The fact of their existence documents my own interests, emphases, and development over the years and decades.

I post them here as pdf files for my own convenience and in the hope that they may be helpful to others. They should be searchable via any pdf reader. The component alphabetical files are posted below. One large, consolidated file will soon follow.

As long as I am functional and able, I will continue adding to these files. It is my hope that the latest and most complete version will be posted to joeandrade.org after my untimely death.

Adios for now, and then forever…